Kinder Connect

Get Ready!

Kindergarten Information Night for the 2024-2025 School year

What is Kinder Connect and Why should you go?

Our Kinder Connects are great opportunities to help understand what Kindergarten looks like in our district and to have any questions answered that you might have. It’s also a great resource for information on how to best prepare your student for this big transition. For more information visit

What is Kinder Connect?

Kinder Connect is an event hosted by our elementary schools. There are often several options to attend either virtual via zoom or in-person at the school. You can find more information about the school your child will attend below.

What is required to register my student for Kindergarten?

*Oregon state law requires students to be age five on or before September 1st to enter Kindergarten*.  

For Kindergarten: Will your child be 5 years old before or on September 1st. 2024?  Then they will enter Kindergarten.

For First Grade:  Will your child be 6 years old before or on September 1st. 2024?  Then they will enter first grade.

If your child is an incoming Kinder or 1st grader and your family is new to OCSD, please create a ParentVue account. You may do that here.

If your incoming Kinder or 1st grader has an older sibling in the district, and you already have a ParentVue account please login to your existing account to begin the registration process. If you have forgotten your password for ParentVue, click the 'forgot password' link and enter the email associated with your account.

If you have a current or previously enrolled student in the district but have never created your ParentVue login, please contact your school office for your activation key.

Please note, only one parent or guardian needs to complete the registration and/or annual verification process. Although, we encourage all parents to create a ParentVue account.

Registration for the 2023-24 school year is now available.  

The following forms are necessary for entrance into kindergarten: 

  • Completed and signed Certificate of Immunization or parent vaccine education certificate 

  • Completed and signed Proof of Residence with documentation *two pieces of documentation

  • Copy of your child’s birth certificate 

  • Completion of Oregon City School District Online Registration 

  • Dental screening certificate

Families must submit the above paperwork in order for your child to start on their first day of school. 

These forms can be received either online via ParentVue, or via email to your school’s office staff.

What school will my student attend?

You can find which school your student will attend by visiting the Clackamas County Tax Map Page and follow these steps:

  •  Type your address into the "Enter an address..." box. Make sure you enter your address accurately. This box is located in the top right corner of the page.

  •  When your address comes up, click on the "Schools" link found on the right hand side.

Or you can view our Boundary Map Here:

Where and When is my school’s Kinder Connect?

You can find your student’s Kinder Connect dates and times here!